Nicola Holtham is a Brisbane (Meanjin) based visual artist. Her practice is a deep investigation into the human body that explores the idea of realising our identity through gesture and movement. Nicola’s work is informed by early performance art of the 1960’s, igniting an interest in collaboration and further influencing her interest in task-based movement and the relationship between the body and. While these concepts are often expressed through the use of video performance and photography, Nicola aims to validate the human body as the most fundamental tool in navigating the world around us despite rapid technological advancement. Her work has always challenged the post 

humanism notion that the body has been rendered obsolete and now completely relies on mechanics and technology to evolve. The application of the corporeal body within her work is employed to express and educate her audience of the ways in which our bodies intuitively navigate space and identity in an effort to confirm the body’s potential to expand in the absence of technology. Nicola’s passion for collaboration and performance has been harnessed in such projects as “A Party of Form and Colour”, a live performance developed for the Bauhaus Now exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane in 2020. Her interest in combining the arts and education has also been realised through her role as Workshop Coordinator in the Brisbane Botanica Festival in 2018. Nicola’s professional experience also includes Exhibition Management and Gallery Installation at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art.